Alyson is a self-taught, professional cook, caterer and gluten free consultant.


Food has always been a special part of her life, but she became truly passionate about it after being diagnosed with Celiac Sprue disease over ten years ago.


Alyson, along with her mother, Jan, (who was diagnosed with Celiac years before Alyson) made it their mission to research and taste anything and everything gluten free.  In the process, Alyson became an expert providing advice to newly diagnosed celiacs and their family members teaching them where to shop, what brands to buy, how to cook and dine out while adhering to their new diets. Creating delicious gluten free dishes of their own was the obvious next step.


Alyson's passion for food is a tribute to her grandmother (aka “Grandma Chicken”), who cooked out of love and often sold her baked goods, soups and stews to local stores and eateries in Northeast Ohio and Florida. Grandma Chicken often professed, “food is love”, which Alyson came to understand was much more than a Jewish Grandmother’s way of “guilting” a ten-year-old into finishing her meal.  Food brings people together in moments of great celebration and great sorrow as well as every day in between.  Food is culture and religion.  Food is serious and silly.  Food is pragmatic and fun.  Food is LOVE!

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